“You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

~ The Buddha

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Raison d’Etre

Chocolate was once the privilege of kings and queens and the daily ritual
of Thomas Jefferson.  It was savored, studied, and served with the kind of elegance typically reserved only for wines and teas today.  We think we who love chocolate are missing out!  So with a nod to this rich heritage, Projet Chocolat arrives dedicated to reviving and elevating the culture and enjoyment of the world’s most beloved delicacy.

projet trade showWhereas more and more artisanal chocolate houses join the well established brands
to create fine bars, our purpose is different.  We want to help you love
what is already here in new — and wonderfully historical — ways.

We start by curating irresistible collections only a chocolate sommelier would put together for you. We also support a richer understanding of the incredible nuances of chocolate through education and mindful appreciation, both through products and services.  And, finally, we have discovered and created a growing array of products, both vintage and new, to help you collect, prepare, serve, and enjoy chocolate
in ways that are sure to delight.

All this is done with an artful eye to presentation, the finest design and craftsmanship, and loving respect for the environment.  If you love chocolate, we think you will adore all that awaits you here!