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Les Arômes du Chocolat


Les Arômes du Chocolat allows you to know the essence of chocolate as no other product ever before — through your nose! The kit is an exquisitely crafted collection of 24 of chocolate’s most prominent scents, or “notes.”  Each of the numbered vials holds an olfactory delight, allowing you to begin to discover the unique nuances and variations found in chocolate. A gorgeous color wheel guides you through the families of notes (floral, earthy, etc.) and acts as a key to test your growing knowledge. The kit becomes anything from your private tutor to the center piece of delicious gatherings, all for the purpose of enhancing the depth of understanding and enjoyment of the world’s most beloved delicacy.

So bring out the chocolate and see what your nose and taste buds can detect! For the chocolate obsessive, adventurous foodie or discerning gourmet in your life.

We utilize mostly natural sources for the aromas and present them in a beautiful box of locally produced, eco friendly materials shaped in collaboration with artists and artisans. Comes with its own custom black linen travel case, lined with Egyptian cotton.

In stock (can be backordered)