“If the only prayer you ever say in your life is Thank You, that will suffice.”

~ Meister Eckhar

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Women in Chocolate Retreat

Sept. 7 - 10, 2017

PROJET CHOCOLAT   +   BATCH CRAFT   +   WKND CHOCOLATE  present the Mujeres Milagros Chocolate Retreat as we pay homage to the miraculous women who craft, champion and enrich our world through the magic of cacao. This spirited 4-day gathering includes mindful conversations, intentional bonding and nurturing food. The retreat will convene at the historic Hacienda Doña Andrea situated in View post


Nashville's Chocolate Tasting Club

One of my favorite pleasures in life is to gather with friends. Two weeks ago, Erin Fraser and I started the first Chocolate Tasting Club in Nashville that we are calling The Chocolate Speakeasy.  Mara Papatheodorou, former editor of Bon Apetit, our resident Taste & Traditions expert revealed her love of smooth chocolate over grainy. View post

Unwrapped – A Podcast About All Things Chocolate & Coffee

Episode 1

Unwrapped is a podcast where we pull back the conversations about chocolate and coffee, hosted by Sunita de Tourreil of The Chocolate Garage and Brian Beyke of Quills Coffee/Abandon Coffee/I Brew My Own Coffee.   A Conversation about Chocolate & Coffee by Unwrapped on Apple Podcasts

Well Tempered Podcast

Episode 5

A podcast dedicated to women in the chocolate industry.   Episode 5: Sophia Rea of Projet Chocolat — WKND Chocolate

The Northwest Chocolate Festival

Seattle, Washington

It has been a busy few weeks after returning from the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle.  What a beautiful city and what an amazing festival filled with everyone from chocolate lovers to chocolate makers.  The days prior to the festival I was able to attend the Unconference and to meet old friends and new friends View post


One of my favorite kitchen tools

One of my favorite kitchen tools has always been the molinillo.  As a child I visited Mexico often and soon learned that almost every household has a molinillo.  Used for frothing hot chocolate and making the comforting masa drink, Atole, I also discovered that it is used for whipping eggs too.   First made by View post